Qualcomm Partners with Timex to Deliver Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch

With the help of Qualcomm, Timex is jumping into the wearable tech market with the Ironman One GPS+, and they’re bringing something new to the table while they’re at it. This smartwatch will be one of the first you can wear out while leaving your smartphone at home.

Of course, you would virtually never leave your smartphone behind these days, unless you did on accident. The one exception to that rule is while you’re working out or running, and that’s definitely where the Ironoman One GPS+ is designed to excel. The smartwatch, which has its own wireless connection (to AT&T’s network) will record fitness stats and upload them to a cloud service you’ll be able to access later. Also for runners, there’s an option to let contacts track your location, along with an alert button that sends your exact location to those contacts in case of an emergency. Water resistance up to 50 meters makes the Ironman One GPS+ a decent choice for swimmers, too.

Because this isn’t a smartphone companion, unlike most smartwatches, the Ironman One GPS+ is a little more limited when it comes to notifications. You won’t be getting missed call notifications or social media updates, but you will have email access. There’s also 4 GB of internal storage and an mp3 player, key for any fitness wearable. … (Read more)

Source: News-Republic.com