Photonics is a key enabler of the Internet of Things

subscribe to our newsletterWithout photonics, the interconnectedness of physical devices and their ability to share and analyze information about their surroundings would not be possible.

For its implementation the Internet of Things relies heavily on sensor technology. Sensors need to be small, robust and energy efficient to be embedded in machines, appliances, buildings and infrastructure and succesfully collect data over large periods of time.

Fibre optic sensors – manufactured using photonics technology – are not only more sensitive than existing electromagnetic sensors, but also faster operating, better able to withstand harsh conditions and immune to electromagnetic interference.

Some of the most significant photonics IoT applications are: communications, transportation, environmental monitoring, smart homes, factories, and gadgets.

The IoT event consists of several workshops where endusers and suppliers will meet and discuss what is needed for Internet of Things and how photonics can support this.


The event is part of the Photonics Applications Week. A week where professionals from several applications areas meet industry professionals.