How to connect rapidly to the growing Internet of Things

Big data, wearable technology, connected devices, cloud-based software: the Internet of Things industry is still rising in a high-speed tempo. Which markets are changed or influenced by the growing IoT? How to secure the cloud? And what developments can we expect in the near future?

On June 2nd we welcome you to the Internet of Things Event at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The conference gives insights in the rapidly developing market, in new technologies and in how other businesses apply the new opportunities that the IoT brings.

The following topics will be covered during the conference:

  • Market & developments overview
  • Big data applications for IoT
  • Security of data
  • Design of IoT products/services
  • From product to services, a paradigm shift
  • Legal issues and social aspects
  • Internet of Things and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Connect with international companies and organisations and explore the market and its innovative technologies, while expanding your network.

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Who should attend?
Hardware manufacturers (telecom, IT, consumer electronics, sensors) | open source professionals | software manufacturers (OS, applications, embedded software, open data, data visualization) | system integrators | service providers | operators | ISP’s | energy, electricity, water companies | venture capital | financial industry | design companies | IP | legal and regulation professionals | educational institutions | and for example:

  • Executives who want to learn how leading companies leverage advanced analytics to compete and win
  • Interactive marketing innovators who want access to “game changing” insights for digital marketing optimization.
  • Enterprise architects, data warehousing, and business intelligence professionals looking to provide the infrastructure for big data and advanced analytics to their business partners.
  • Data scientists, business analysts, statisticians, “quants”, hackers, or analytics professionals responsible for making data-driven business decisions.
  • UI developers, sociologists, psychologists etc. who want to learn what the human factors should be in IoT and Big Data.
  • In short: anyone who sees potential in the IoT.

Fact: 80% of the attendees of the latest edition would recommend the conference to colleagues or relations.


Overview Attendees IoT Event

An overview of attendees that visited the IoT Event in June, 2014.

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