Smart Systems – the Internet of Things ecosystem – Workshop powered by DSP Valley at IoT Event 2017

Smart Systems – the Internet of Things ecosystem – Workshop powered by DSP Valley at IoT Event 2017which takes place on Jun 08, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Today, we are entering the era of the ‘connected world.’  By 2020, over 25 billion of devices will be interconnected (wirelessly), the so-called Internet of Things. That opens up a vast range of opportunities for society, labour, industry, house-hold, health care, transportation, etc. We certainly have the potential and tools and technology to realise this change. But if you don’t want to be left behind, now is the time to take action to make it happen! Collaboration is key to proceed effectively and efficiently.  That’s exactly the ambition of the ‘Smart Systems’ project.

The “Smart Systems” project, funded by OP Zuid and Stimulus, focuses on an integrative approach, engaging all relevant stakeholders in the Internet of Things ecosystem, to speed up development and implementation of solutions for health care and smart industries and eventually aiming at enforcing the competitiveness of individual companies in a global market. Together with companies, knowledge institutes and network organisations and guided by DSP Valley, the project is supported by hands-on, in-practice demonstration projects complementing the technological fingerprint of the ecosystem. A new Digital Experience lab, together with tech-multinational Philips Innovation Services Greenhouse enables experimenting, demonstrating, validating and in the end volume manufacturing: faster, better and cheaper!

About DSP Valley
DSP Valley is an independent cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions. DSP Valley groups 100+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, from small start-ups, over SMEs to large international groups with a local R&D activity. DSP Valley offers its members a networking platform that allows them to explore each other’s expertise and that stimulates innovation by exploiting complementarities.

Internet of Things EventAbout Internet of Things Event
The 7th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place on June 08, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Renowned international specialists will gather to discuss the topics in focus: Data Centers | 5G | Cloud | Security | Big Data | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Who should attend? Professional endusers | Service providers | Retail | Hardware manufacturers | open source professionals | software manufacturers (OS, applications, embedded software, open data, data visualization) | telecom operators | system integrators | service providers | operators | ISP’s | designers | venture capital | financial industry | design companies | IP | legal and regulation professionals | educational institutions