Aerea will exhibit at the Internet of Things Event

Aerea is a former Intel® brand.
Our company is known for providing Wimax services in Amsterdam. At this moment aerea does not only focus on Wimax connectivity but specializes in providing connectivity in niche segments;

  • Wimax connections in our 3.5GHZ spectrum,
  • Wifi connections (citywide and event IT),
  • Point to point connections (microwave and laser),
  • Fiber connectivity as ISP.
  • Nationwide Sigfox telemetry network (expecting full coverage end 2013)….

1 january 2013 aerea took over the Rotterdam Wireless network owned by the city municipality as well as building out wifi hotzones in Scheveningen (The Hague) and on the island of Vlieland.

Aerea provides connectivity for IP camera security for police force and municipalities as well as providing full IT (fiber, wireless and support) for big sport events (Golf, World championship cycling, ASP World tour, European championship Beachvolleyball and so on…).