Intel Announces ‘Make It Wearable’ Challenge (VIDEO)

In 2013 we wrote about some of the most insane technology that makes 3D printing look like basic Play-Doh. Not only did we learn about a headband that allows you to move water with your mind (literally some Matrix, spoon bending-level creativity), but there was a litany of other wearable innovations that forced us to reconsider how we dress in the morning.

This new year will undoubtedly including forward-thinking creations that make science fiction a wearable reality. During a speech at CES, Intel may have made the first move by announcing Make It Wearable, an iniative that will hyper-charge the relationship between technology, and anything that can be worn, implanted, grown, and more.

The project is a challenge to aspiring entrepreneurs to make their personal wearable technology idea come to fruition–a tangible invention that would change both the fashion runways and the tech scene.

The Intel Make It Wearable challenge will call upon the smartest and most creative minds around the world to move towards the future of wearable devices and ubiquitous computing, such as meaningful usages, aesthetics, battery life, security and privacy. Intel will be awarding more than US$1.3 million cash awards to winners and will also be connecting contenders with industry luminaries to help realize their ideas. … (Read more)