The world’s waters to be buzzing with inference robots

While the world goes crazy for drones, a hardworking set of marine robots are helping scientists learn more about our global waterways.Aquabots are the most advanced way to measure the reaches of the ocean, rivers and lakes, Matthew Dunbabin, a principal research fellow at the Institute for Future Environments at the Queensland University of Technology, told Mashable Australia.

In fact, at any given time, the world’s waters are buzzing with robots — and more are expected in the coming years. In the sea, a significant portion of the current number of autonomous vessels are part of the Argo environmental research project measuring the water’s temperature, salinity and movements. On Monday, for example, there are 3,881 Argo bots bobbing about the ocean, according to Argo’s website.

An international effort, Argo floats are very simple robotic buoys, Dunbabin said. They float with the currents and go down to a depth of around two kilometres (1.2 miles). Every 10 days they pop back up to the surface and transmit their data, which in turn feeds our global weather system and ocean current models.Read more
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