Symplio will speak at the IoT Event

Iñaki Vazquez, CEO & Founder, will talk about the vision of Symplio for creating Internet-connected social objects.
He leads the vision for creating Internet-connected social objects. He is also in charge of managing innovation and R&D at the company.

Previously, he was Research Leader of the Intelligent Environments Research Group at the University of Deusto (Spain).He has taken part in cross-European FP7 projects related to mobile computing, and he has also managed cooperative projects involving smart context-aware objects, wearable devices, and mobile computing systems.

Iñaki has a PhD on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

About Symplio
Our focus is designing a whole product experience for users, merging the physical world and the Internet.

The portion of the product belonging to the physical world, the object, provides direct access to the users’ context and their environment (e.g. wearable sensors). The other portion of the product, the service, empowers users with new ways to use and get value from the object, through Internet-based applications and mash-ups (e.g. data analysis and recommendations).

We are  focused on two markets:

  • Lifestyle & Entertainment: objects that bring the Internet experience into the real-world for emotional enjoyment and fun.
  • Merchandising 2.0: engage your most-valuable customers at any time through promotional products that are connected to your company page or social network.