“Industrial Internet Use Cases” – Presented by Marcel Hartgerink, Wibu-Systems

“Industrial Internet Use Cases” – Presented by Marcel Hartgerink, Wibu-Systems

The Industrial Internet Consortium brings together the organizations and technologies necessary to accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet by identifying, assembling and promoting best practices. Wibu-Systems contributes as member to the Security and Business Solutions Enablement groups. Continue reading ““Industrial Internet Use Cases” – Presented by Marcel Hartgerink, Wibu-Systems”

Wibu Systems gives workshop “SoT, Security of Things” at IoT Event

Because of recent discoveries like the Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL security is a hot-topic again. Industry 4.0, Smart Industry, Cyber-physical systems or Internet of Things will only being accepted if there are enough measures taken against misuse of production data, theft of data, theft of intellectual property, illegal access and manipulation and sabotage of systems. This workshop shows how to:

  • Secure devices, applications running on devices and data with features like security boot, integrity check and encryption.
  • Make the application hack proof and protect it against spionage, sabotage, counterfeiting, copycats and piracy.
  • Protect access to the source code of PLC’s and other controllers of machines

With samples of solutions based on CodeMeter CmDongles on the USB-port, (micro)SD-Card or CF-Card slot of the board. Also software based licensing systems like CodeMeter CmActLicenses based on system characteristics will be shown. With live demo of tools to encrypt the application and for an ongoing check on the integrity and usage rights. The applications only work if the original hash-code, secret keys and/or certificates are found in the crypto-chip or hidden on the system.

For quick integration in software embedded in systems there are standard solutions for CODESYS, VxWorks (Wind River), QNX, Bernecker + Rainer (B&R), Rockwell and other embedded systems based on Windows and Linux. Also the integrity of software on desktops, servers and in the cloud can be protected.

About Wibu Systems

Wibu-Systems provides technical solutions for software licensing and protection of software against piracy and reverse engineering. With their CodeMeter platform, software vendors and embedded device manufacturers can monetize their intellectual property. CodeMeter also safeguards the integrity of data and code against unauthorized alterations by hackers and malware assuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing fraudulent activities.

CodeMeter is available as a token with Wibu’s proprietary ASIC and as a software-only license based on the unique characteristics of a system. Both types support numerous strong encryption methods. Licensing and protection is available for many platforms and operating systems, like Windows, Windows Compact/Embedded, Linux, OSX, VxWorks, CoDeSys and many more.

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