IoT – Key to developing ‘hotbeds of innovation’

The EU has been urged to abandon the privacy rules ‘it is so hung up about’ because they are hampering technological innovation.

A Brussels conference on the future of the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe on Thursday heard from key industry figures on the emergence of an IoT ecosystem.

Wim de Waele, the CEO of Belgium’s Eggsplore who has been in the ICT business for almost 30 years, stressed the need to work on large-scale pilots to experiment with technology. Continue reading “IoT – Key to developing ‘hotbeds of innovation’”

IoT Challenges: Privacy, Security and Fog Computing

Cisco has estimated that there will be 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to the Internet by the year 2020. IoT has been a buzzword over the past couple of years. However, the buzz surrounding IoT in the year 2015 has IoT enthusiasts particularly excited. This year, IoT has taken center stage at many conferences around the world, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), SEMI CON 2015, and Createc Japan, among others. Continue reading “IoT Challenges: Privacy, Security and Fog Computing”

If all future appliances are “smart” appliances, will consumers have a choice to opt out?

In the new Snowden era of data collection, the topic of privacy is a touchy one. As Loeb pointed out, most people have the option to not use Google, but if, one day, every coffeemaker on the shelf is a smart coffeemaker that transmits data back to the company that produced it, where is the choice to opt out? Continue reading “If all future appliances are “smart” appliances, will consumers have a choice to opt out?”