LuxSenz: Exploiting Sunlight for Wireless Communication

Marco Zuniga

by Marco Zuniga, TU Delft (Network and Embedded Systems Group)

In this information age, communication is central to our societies but it is taking a toll on the earth. As reported by Time Magazine, by 2013, we were already using 50% more energy moving bytes than moving airplanes around the world. Our societies face a major challenge: How can we satisfy our ever-growing demand for communication but in a sustainable manner?

Any new technology we develop must leave no ecological footprint, or as Bill Gates puts it “we need to go all the way down to zero”. We are investigating a new wireless communication system that relies on a free, abundant and natural resource: sunlight. Our concept operates in a way similar to using a mirror to send morse codes via reflections. We cover objects with smart materials to obtain similar changes in reflections, but without you noticing them.

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