Is Internet of Things a bad thing? Interview with Brenno de Winter, speaker at IoT Event 2016

At the age of 5, de Winter wrote his first computer program. The opportunities and risks of ICT play a significant role in his career ever since. He is mostly known to the public by revealing the poor state of data protection in the Netherlands in unconventional ways (e.g. Lektober).

On June 7-8, 2016, during the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, de Winter will talk in his keynote about “Security and Internet of Things”. Continue reading “Is Internet of Things a bad thing? Interview with Brenno de Winter, speaker at IoT Event 2016”

AT&T report, Cybersecurity Insights: The CEO’s Guide to Securing the Internet of Things

The rapid rise of a new generation of connected, intelligent devices — collectively known as the Internet of Things or IoT — is more than just the latest digital disruption to impact businesses of all sizes. The IoT presents vast opportunities for organizations to improve internal efficiencies, serve customers better, enter new markets, and even build new business models.

More IoT devices are coming online each and every day. Through connected devices, health care is improving patient care; for example, a diabetic patient’s blood sugar level can now be monitored remotely, enabling a quick response to a possible life-threatening situation. Read more


“Rethinking Security for IoT” – Presented by Sandro Etalle, TU/e

It is evident that the IoT is going to be much more difficult to defend than standard computer systems, which are already no match for professional attackers. To cope with the security and privacy challenges of the IoT we need to completely rethink our way to address security issues. In this presentation I will illustrate my personal view on the road ahead.

About Sandro Etalle Continue reading ““Rethinking Security for IoT” – Presented by Sandro Etalle, TU/e”

Key Security Challenges IoT Is Facing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to transform our lives, make us more productive at work, and keep us happier and safer at home.  However, it’s also developing at such a rate that it threatens to outstrip our ability to adequately secure it. A piece of software hasn’t been written yet that didn’t contain mistakes – after all, we’re only human. But with non-IoT security experts designing and building connected systems the risks grow ever greater. So what can be done? Continue reading “Key Security Challenges IoT Is Facing”

IoT Security Market Forecasted to Reach 28.90 Billion USD by 2020

According to a new market research report, “Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market by Technologies (Network, Cloud and Application Security, Identity Access Management, Analytics, UTM, IDS/IPS, Device Management, Encryption), Industry Verticals and Applications – Global Forecast to 2020”, published by MarketsandMarkets, Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market is expected to grow from USD 6.89 Billion in 2015 to USD 28.90 Billion by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.2% from 2015 to 2020. Continue reading “IoT Security Market Forecasted to Reach 28.90 Billion USD by 2020”