European Commission announces action plan to support Industry 4.0

Our challenge is to ensure that all industrial sectors make the best use of new technologies and manage their transition towards higher value digitised products and processes, commonly known as “Industry 4.0”. In order to reach this goal, I propose to take action in four key areas:

1) Digital innovation hubs

Our ambition should be to empower any business, wherever it is located in Europe, and especially SMEs, to master its digital transition. Regions and local authorities have a key role to play in this effort, with digital research and competence centres leading the way. Continue reading “European Commission announces action plan to support Industry 4.0”

IoT – Key to developing ‘hotbeds of innovation’

The EU has been urged to abandon the privacy rules ‘it is so hung up about’ because they are hampering technological innovation.

A Brussels conference on the future of the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe on Thursday heard from key industry figures on the emergence of an IoT ecosystem.

Wim de Waele, the CEO of Belgium’s Eggsplore who has been in the ICT business for almost 30 years, stressed the need to work on large-scale pilots to experiment with technology. Continue reading “IoT – Key to developing ‘hotbeds of innovation’”