How IoT is already changing the way we do business today

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting concept, a future where “billions of things are talking to each other,” as technology consulting company SAP describes it. We’ve seen gadgets and domestic appliances connect to the Internet and ping your smartphone with info, but it’s becoming more clear that these toys are a prelude to a vastly connected world. And yet, we spend most of our day at work. Here’s how technologists think the world of IoT will change the workplace—and how it’s already changing how we do business today. Continue reading “How IoT is already changing the way we do business today”

The Future Of Wearable Notifications In Business

The target audience of wearable tech has always been the everyday consumer. However, wearables can benefit businesses too, especially in sectors where workers need to be hands-free. From construction and manufacturing to dining services, wearables can elevate several industries in the near future by utilizing push notification on wearable tech. Continue reading “The Future Of Wearable Notifications In Business”