Speaker Partners

Below you can find the Speaker Partners for the 2017 edition

DSP ValleyDSP Valley is an independent cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions. DSP Valley groups 100+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, from small start-ups, over SMEs to large international groups with a local R&D activity. DSP Valley offers its members a networking platform that allows them to explore each other’s expertise and that stimulates innovation by exploiting complementarities.


Dutch data centersThe Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) is the trade organisation of data centers in the Netherlands, the bedrock of the Dutch economy. The DDA unites leading data centers in the Netherlands in a common mission: the strengthening of economic growth and the profiling of the data center sector to government, media and society.

The DDA expresses industry views on regulatory and policy issues. It demonstrates leadership by facilitating and encouraging members to implement operational improvements in the form of best practices. The DDA promotes education and contributes to technical standards, which enables the data center industry in the Netherlands and abroad to further distinguish itself.

The DDA is one of the founders of the umbrella foundation Digitale Infrastructuur Nederland (DINL). DINL unites organisations that facilitate the digital infrastructure within the Netherlands. The DDA closely collaborates with Digital Gateway to Europe, which promotes the Netherlands as international data hub. The DDA also actively collaborates with market operators, the government and other interested parties.

Huawei Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider.

We have established a competitive ICT portfolio of solutions in telecom, enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology.

With 180,000 employees in 170 countries worldwide, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society, and building a Better Connected World.

Radio Communications Agency NetherlandsIn the dynamic field of electronic communication, Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands is responsible for obtaining and allocating frequency space and monitoring its use. The day-to-day work of Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands covers the entire field of wireless and wired communication. The interrelationship between these two forms of communication is broadening our field of work. Wireless and wired applications are so interwoven that a problem in a wired network can have major consequences for wireless communication. Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands acts as the watchdog, implementer and expert across the entire domain of electronic communication. As a specialised agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the three main tasks of Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands are to obtain, allocate and protect frequency space.
RittalRittal B.V., part of the Friedhelm Loh Group founded in 1961, is a private owned company with a turnover of more than 2.5 billion euro’s. Rittal is active in the industrial- and IT market with more than 60 subsidiaries and 13 production sites worldwide and 11.000 employees.
imagination technologiesImagination, a global leader in multimedia, processor and communication technologies.

We create and license market-leading processor solutions for graphics, video and vision processing, general purpose and embedded processing (CPU & MCU), and multi-standard communications.

Our broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key processing blocks needed by our customers to create the Systems on Chips (SoC) that power electronic devices.

Kennedy Van der LaanWe are a full-service law firm based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, and active around the world. We have proven our worth as a trusted legal partner in the fields of technology, finance & insurance, media, fashion & retail, health care & the public sector and real estate & construction. Within these markets, we have a broad clientele and we serve the full spectrum from start-up to multinational. With around 100 attorneys and civil-law notaries, Kennedy Van der Laan has been a prominent independent law firm in the Netherlands for decades.

Ticket to Innovation

The law has no secrets for us: it is our comfort zone. Innovative cooperation, however, needs a vision that reaches further. That is why we are exploring new ways of co-creation, knowledge sharing and pricing daily. In close consultation with our business partners, we are continuously developing new legal tech products. This gives us a steady leading position in the market.

InterconnectInterconnect delivers a reliable managed IaaS platform.

The emphasis is on the synergy of IaaS with connectivity and security.

This ensures the performance of managed IaaS. Interconnect has two own data centers, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, so customers always know where their data are.

CentricCentric offers Software Solutions, IT Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Staffing Services. We enable our customers to focus on their core businesses with our technological solutions, administrative services and more than 5,000 qualified professionals in Europe. The combination of our thorough IT knowledge and our years of experience with specific industry processes, distinguishes us from traditional IT suppliers and administrative suppliers. Centric believes in the power of innovation as a boost for sustainable growth. By connecting with professionals, partners and customers, we deliver innovative, pragmatic solutions and services that support the responsible growth of our company and enhance stability for customers and employees.
vtecVTEC Lasers & Sensors designs, produces and supplies diode lasers, sensors and hardware and software systems based on the best solutions for the customer, a fast and detailed inquiry response based on many years’ experience and an excellent team.  VTEC has more than 25years experience in all fields of optical and sensor technology. The experience has been build up on technical as well as management level at Philips, Genoa Corporation and several start-ups. Currently VTEC works in the field of photonic sensing, components for optical data communication and a data platform for IOT. A new initiative is the DX-Lab to enable fast technical and business prototyping of IOT concepts for start-ups, SMEs, medium sized companies and institutes/universities. In the DX-Lab the partners are guided and supported to create new technologies, applications and business opportunities and concepts on the existing ISENSIT data-platform to enable the shortest time to market. VTEC is located on STRIJP-S.
MRV CommunicationsMRV is a global vendor specialized in Optical technology and Carrier Ethernet.

MRV delivers high end solution between datacenters to realize the highest uptime of business-critical applications.

AITThe AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest non-university research institution.

With its eight Centers, AIT regards itself as a highly specialized research and development partner for industry and concerns itself with the key infrastructure topics of the future.

NLDCNLDC is the largest Dutch colocation provider offering carrier- and cloud-neutral services. We operate large data centers in the Amsterdam Metro area and in several rapidly growing regional hot spots. Our current capacity of 28,000 m2 and 22.5 MW offers customers attractive options for rapid deployment.
ciscoCisco is an American technology conglomerate headquartered in San José, California in the center of Silicon Valley.

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells high-Technology equipment for networking, collaboration and “The Internet of Things” solutions and services.

AlticomThe Alticom towers are striking landmarks, originally enabling broadcasting of radio and television signals. Presently, the towers are also essential to the wireless networks of Dutch telecom operators.

As the 24 Alticom media towers are spread all over the country (nearest is max 35 km nearby….) the towers offer a national network of connectivity hubs and Edge data centers.

ItoMItoM is a microelectronics engineering company developing chip designs and embedded hardware & firmware.
With over 18 years of experience in delivering wireless system solutions for consumer, automotive, and healthcare applications, ItoM has successfully grown to a world-class team of 30 FTE.
ItoM has locations in Eindhoven (headquarters) and Enschede.
KPN IoTHow can entrepreneurship become more efficient, more sustainable and safer? Discover KPN’s Internet of Things.

Read all about connectivity, M2M, LoRa, workshops, services and partnerships, smart solutions, initiatives and knowledge-sharing. Partnerships and connectivity make KPN the indispensable link in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Philips Innovation ServicesAs an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering your innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational.

Being globally active with almost 1,000 specialized experts and 10,000 m2 of high-tech infrastructure, we can accelerate your innovation with development, realization and consultancy in our key areas of expertise.

Basta GroupBastaGroup is an advisory group that helps organizations to create a data driven organization. In the journey of connected assets and devices to data and actionable insights, we support with independent advice and practical cooperation.

The data driven organization is the focus of our efforts; Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain technologies, Additive manufacturing, we love those developments from a technological interest but foremost for the business benefits they deliver.
We help our clients to initiate and accelerate their digital activities,  by asking the right questions, offering best practices and bringing experience and knowlegde, and executing their change programs.

BastaGroup interim-managers and consultants are subject matter experts, program and change managers from large and small organizations and are used to challenging situations.