“Towards a Sensing Stadium”, Presented by Dimitri Hehanussa, TNO

“Towards a Sensing Stadium”, Presented by Dimitri Hehanussa, TNO

Almost twenty years ago the Amsterdam ArenA was the first multifunctional stadium in the world. It played a major role in the economic and societal development of Amsterdam South East. Now it reached a major point in its existence. The stadium will be rebuild and transformed into a next generation stadium.

The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center has been opened on June 6th 2015. The Innovation Center includes a close collaboration between the strategic partners: Amsterdam ArenA, KPN, TNO, KPMG, Huawei, Municipality of Amsterdam and Microsoft. With its ambition to be the world’ s leading theater for innovative smart city and smart stadium solutions, the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center (AAIC) offers effective resources for research, development and education. The Innovation Center bundles the strengths of global leading players to create the newest innovations for immersive experiences and smarter and more sustainable urban environments on a global scale.

During this presentation you will learn more about the origins of the Innovation Center, about the vision that the partners share and the road which will lead to a revamped stadium in 2020 which can last at least another 20 years; a “sensing stadium”.

About Dimitri Hehanussa

Dimitri Hehanussa is responsible for business development in the governance & policy sector at the Program Networked Information of TNO since 2008. He has been working within the internet and telecommunications industry for 17 years in companies such as Samsung, SARA (now SURFsara) and Versatel/Tele2.

About TNO

TNO is an independent research organisation that employs some 3,000 specialists. We believe in the joint creation of economic and social value. We focus on transitions or changes in five social themes: Industry; Healthy Living; Defence, Safety & Security; Urbanisation and Energy.
Innovation with purpose is what TNO stands for. We develop knowledge not for its own sake, but for practical application.

About Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center

The Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center has been established to be the Dutch Innovation Hub; Its mission is to accelerate the creation and market introduction of new unique smart City applications to improve profitability, sustainability, safety and customer experience. The AAIC as Smart Stadium and Smart City playground and Reference Zone; plotting roadmaps of global leading players in Amsterdam South East for shared impact and bundling of resources.

Amsterdam ArenA with its stakeholders and its direct environment form the perfect soil to establish an unmatched playground which can accelerate the development of smart cities. This Playground is the “The leading Smart City District” for Europe or even for the world. In fact, all the ingredients are available: 18M visitor flow; all facets and challenges of a modern city; The ArenA as an international well-known multifunctional stadium with a large international network; The city of Amsterdam as one of the most successful cities in the world(top 5!); Multinationals in immediate vicinity and as partner; The Netherlands with high quality industry, knowledge, creativity and start-ups; AND the Netherlands as a world leader in the field of entertainment and experience formats