Sebastian Werler of Sensalytics presents at ISN Conference: “Knowledge is power”

Sebastian Werler, co-founder of Sensalytics, will give a presentation at the ISN Conference, with the titel: “Knowledge is power: Understanding customer behaviour in brick and mortar stores with sensors and analytics”.

In comparison to online retailers, offline retailers often lack a broad set of tools to understand their customers and their behaviour better. The presentation gives a brief introduction on how sensalytics fills this gap for brick and mortar stores.

About Sebastian Werler
Prior to founding sensalytics and developing sensor based analytics solutions, Mr. Werler lead a Stuttgart based IT-Agency, working on enterprise mobility apps and open source software. He holds a master degree in Computer Science from Stuttgart University of Applied Science. In his spare time, he loves to ride his mountain bike and photograph.

About Sensalytics
Sensalytics offers a real world analytics appliance consisting of modern sensors and a software-as-a-service platform for retailers to analyze and track what’s really going on in the brick and mortar stores. Sensalytics is based in Stuttgart with offices in Munich and Landshut. 

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