Mats Beem, Philips & Reinier van den Biggelaar, Basta Group will speak at IoT Event 2017

Mats Beem, Philips & Reinier van den Biggelaar, Basta Group will speak at IoT Event 2017, on Jun 08, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Their presentation will focus on:

1. How IOT can help create virtual communities and can transform current business models, an example of Community Farming Online
2. How sharing and an IOT community can move things forward

Mats BeemAbout Mats Beem

Mats Beem is Senior Vice President of Philips.

Business Transformation for Consumer Lifestyle
– Designing a Philips-wide transformation approach
– End to End IT design: radically simplifying the worldwide IT landscape and aligning with the end to end, real time Philips of the future
– integrated approach to compliance, covering all compliance domains

Reinier van den BiggelaarAbout Reinier van den Biggelaar

Reinier van den Biggelaar is Managing Partner at Basta Group.

Started in 2004 as IT management consultancy, we changed in 2014 our focus to technology driven value creation & innovation. Industrial Internet of Things and Data Analytics is at this moment at the center of our activities. We help organizations with their device to data journey, IoT strategy and implementation, advanced analytics and actionable insights.
The challenge of IoT is not in the Why or What, the challenge is the HOW, if you master the details of the HOW, real value is realized.
Next to our IoT consultancy, our program & interim management group consists of 18 highly qualified, mostly former Shell, managers. They are available for challenging projects.

Joined IoT Gurus network to provide clients with indepth knowledge of IoT through network of independent IoT specialists on platforms, connectivity and security.

Joined Ortec Data Science Director network to provide clients with data science capabilities like machine learning (predictive maintenance) and cognitive computing.

About Internet of Things Event
The 7th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place on June 08, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Renowned international specialists will gather to discuss the topics in focus: Data Centers | 5G | Cloud | Security | Big Data | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Who should attend? Professional endusers | Service providers | Retail | Hardware manufacturers | open source professionals | software manufacturers (OS, applications, embedded software, open data, data visualization) | telecom operators | system integrators | service providers | operators | ISP’s | designers | venture capital | financial industry | design companies | IP | legal and regulation professionals | educational institutions