Fast and industrial prototyping of key modules for Smart Systems – Presented by Jan Mink, VTEC & Sieger Swaving, Philips Innovation Services

Fast and industrial prototyping of key modules for Smart Systems – Presented by Jan Mink, VTEC Lasers & Sensors & Sieger Swaving, Philips Innovation Services, at the Internet of Things Event 2017, which takes place on Jun 08, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The increasing level of integration and complexity in to-be-developed smart systems requires low entry access to fast prototyping for quick technical verification and early customer demonstration. Speed in prototyping is not only a matter of a creative and pragmatic approach finding new solutions to conflicting requirements, but also a matter of maximally using proven process flows, platforms and components. So much the more because about 80% of the key product properties like manufacturability, cost price and reliability are defined in the development phase. The DX-lab of VTEC and the Greenhouse Micro-assembly factory of Philips Innovation Services have the infrastructure and expertise to provide fast prototyping, not as an isolated activity, but as a first step towards new product introduction and volume manufacturing.

Jan MinkAbout Jan Mink
Jan Mink Founder & CEO graduated cum-laude from the University in Eindhoven (Physics) while working full time with Philips Electronics. After graduation he continued his career at Philips in a number of technical and managerial functions. He was responsible for the R&D department in the management team of Philips Optoelectronics and Philips Flat TV. His next challenge was the founding as co-founder and managing director of Genoa BV in Eindhoven, a subsidiary of the Californian start-up Genoa Corporation, focusing on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Metro applications. After that he re-joined Philips Electronics leading the Sensors and Measurements group at Philips Centre for Fabrication Technologies. In 2004 he co-founded 2M Engineering Ltd. and sold his shares in 2011 to found a new company called VTEC Lasers & Sensors. In VTEC Lasers & Sensors an extensive portfolio of technologies has been developed in the field of photonics, sensors and IOT. To commercialize these technologies new ventures have been founded, first one is ISENSIT. ISENSIT is co-founded with a specialist in branding, marketing and commercialization of big data business. The second company, Sinochip, is co-founded with a partner having an extensive track record in sales and marketing of large volumes of optical components in China and is focused on optical devices for data-transmission in and between data-centers.

Sieger SwavingAbout Sieger Swaving
Sieger Swaving received his MSc in physics (cum laude) at the University of Twente in Enschede. In 1985 he joined Philips Research, where he worked on semiconductor process characterization and transistor modelling. Subsequently he held managerial positions within several Philips businesses, ranging from R&D to engineering and manufacturing in the fields of CRT, LCD and OLED. In 2005 he returned to Philips Research and later on to Philips Innovation Services to lead a technology supporting group on device processing, assembly and prototyping covering a very broad application area from displays and LED lighting to microfluidics and minimally invasive medical instruments. Presently his focus is in project management and in networking and subsidy programs.

About VTEC Lasers & Sensors
VTEC Lasers & Sensors designs, produces and supplies diode lasers, sensors and hardware and software systems based on the best solutions for the customer, a fast and detailed inquiry response based on many years’ experience and an excellent team.  VTEC has more than 25years experience in all fields of optical and sensor technology. The experience has been build up on technical as well as management level at Philips, Genoa Corporation and several start-ups. Currently VTEC works in the field of photonic sensing, components for optical data communication and a data platform for IOT. A new initiative is the DX-Lab to enable fast technical and business prototyping of IOT concepts for start-ups, SMEs, medium sized companies and institutes/universities. In the DX-Lab the partners are guided and supported to create new technologies, applications and business opportunities and concepts on the existing ISENSIT data-platform to enable the shortest time to market. VTEC is located on STRIJP-S.

About Philips Innovation Services
As an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering your innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your innovation. Inside and outside Philips, from start-up to multinational.

Being globally active with almost 1,000 specialized experts and 10,000 m2 of high-tech infrastructure, we can accelerate your innovation with development, realization and consultancy in our key areas of expertise.

About Internet of Things Event
The 7th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place on June 08, 2017, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Renowned international specialists will gather to discuss the topics in focus: Data Centers | 5G | Cloud | Security | Big Data | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Who should attend? Professional endusers | Service providers | Retail | Hardware manufacturers | open source professionals | software manufacturers (OS, applications, embedded software, open data, data visualization) | telecom operators | system integrators | service providers | operators | ISP’s | designers | venture capital | financial industry | design companies | IP | legal and regulation professionals | educational institutions