Jan Burgmeijer, TNO, Presents: “Smart Data Factory for Logistics”

Jan Burgmeijer, TNO, Presents: “Smart Data Factory for Logistics”

Logistic innovations like Cross Chain Collaboration, Synchromodality and Smart Trade Compliancy & Border Management can only be successful if business data from supply chain partners and sensor data of the infrastructure are combined. Trust, privacy and security are important issues to get access to these data.

TNO is working with partners from the logistics sector and some IT-partners on finding the most interested use cases and see how we can make business cases out of these. To convince the sector partners a real live demo of the logistic innovation is necessary. TNO has developed a data connectivity platform to enable the demonstration of the use cases and to support small pilots. A number of use cases and demo results will be presented. Future plans are presented.

About Jan Burgmeijer

Jan Burgmeijer is programme manager Logistics and Mobility at TNO in Delft. This programme has many stakeholders, like TKI Logistiek (Dinalog), Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, the sector partners and IT-partners.

Jan has a background in Telecom, ICT and has worked for at TNO, KPN and Philips.

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