“IoT. Just a hype or is it a real development?” – Presented by Mourad Mouhouty, Teleena

Everybody is talking about “the Internet Of Things”, but is this just a hype or is it a real development that makes it worth to invest in?

We see allot of companies struggling to enter this domain. Frequent asked questions are how can my company benefit from this and how to take this first steps.

With our presentation we hope to give insight in how the IoT ecosystem looks like and what is relevant for the first phase. We also will give a real life demonstration.

About Mourad Mouhouty

My name is Mourad Mouhouty. I am responsible for IoT and M2M business development within Teleena. I help our (potential) customers to develop their IoT roadmap. I have a history in IT and telecom.

About Teleena

Teleena is a MVNE/MVNO with an own telecom platform, infrastructure and network that offers (international) tailor made communication solutions within mobile, m2m and IoT domain.

Currently we are hosting more than 1.5 million simcards  (physical, virtual in mobiles and in machines). On top of 2G,3G,4G connectivity and Low Power connectivity we also offer added value services like analyses, predictions and billing as a service.