“How IoT is changing the agribusiness landscape” – Presented by Sjaak Wolfert, Wageningen UR

Smart Farming involves many sensing and monitoring devices, intelligent software for analysis & planning and mechatronics/robots closing the cyber-physical farm management cycle. Big Data on prices, markets, consumer behavior, etc. increasingly affect the whole agribusiness providing predictive insights in farming operations, drive real-time operational decisions and redesign business processes for game-changing  business models. Major shifts in roles and power relations among different players in food supply chain networks can be expected. This presentation will briefly describe the IoT developments in agri-food business and present the changing business landscape with special attention to the role of software ecosystems in this development.

About Sjaak Wolfert

Dr. Sjaak Wolfert works as a Senior Scientist on the cutting edge of ICT and Agri-Food business at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI) of Wageningen UR. His main research areas are Information Management, Systems Analysis and Sustainable Development. He is involved as researcher in several national, international and EU-funded projects among others coordinator of agriXchange and the FIWARE projects SmartAgriFood and FIspace. He is also part-time affiliated as assistant professor to the Information Technology Group of Wageningen University. He was president of the European Federation of ICT in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA)and its national member organization (VIAS).

About Wageningen UR

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