Heba Bevan, Utterberry keynote speaker at the ISN Conference

Heba Bevan, Founder of Utterberry, will be keynote speaker at the ISN Conference. Together with Philip Keenan, Business Development Manager at Centre for Smart Infrastructure, Heba will have a stand at the exhibition.

About Utterberry
The Utterberry sensor is as small as two five coin piles of euros, and weighs only 15 grammes. Hundreds of sensors can be carried by a single individual to enable installation in one go. These sensors are intelligent. They sense their environment and orientation and are self-calibrating. Previously, sensors often required an engineer to reconfigure the firmware according to the situation, and the data that they produced needed to be treated and transformed before producing meaningful results. Other sensors needed careful alignment and to be placed in a predetermined orientation before the sensor could report back alignment data. Utterberry’s sensors are simple to use and operate. They measure multiple parameters at once, a single sensor typically measuring seven or more parameters. This rich data set ensures that all important events are recorded such that not only is data being collected and transmitted, but valuable information is being communicated in real-time to the user so that he or she can make important and cost-effective decisions. Utterberry – making sensing perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 15.21.39About Heba Bevan
Heba Bevan graduated in electronics and computer engineering (Hons.) During her study she worked at ARM Ltd. Cambridge as a student engineer in the Trace and Targeting group. After graduation Heba was hired as a CPU engineer by ARM Ltd working on designing ARM Cortex. By the end of 2005 she moved to the California Bay Area to work for ARM Inc. Sunnyvale as a Technical Consultant Engineer, advising and consulting some of the largest semiconductor/electronics companies on the selection of CPUs. In 2009 Heba went back to academic research and joined Rice University as a research programmer. Here she worked on one of the biggest DARPA projects at the time PACE Project. In 2011 Heba started her PhD at Jesus College, Cambridge. Heba’s research is on wireless sensor networks for subterranean mass-rapid transportation applications. Heba Bevan has three patents pending in Sensors Technology. Heba was ‘Highly Commended’ in three Institution for Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards 2013 – the Asset Management Award, the Built Environment Award and the Measurement In Action Award. As well she is on board of ZEROPOWER Scientific Committee and she is a finalist in the International Tunneling award 2014.