Exploring the Digital Twin concept for use in civil infrastructure – Presented by Joep Paulissen, TNO

Exploring the Digital Twin concept for use in civil infrastructure – Presented by Joep Paulissen, TNO, at Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference, on January 18, 2019, at Rotterdam AHOY, The Netherlands.

In 2018 the TNO Unit Building, Infrastructure and Maritime initiated research activities into the use of the Digital Twin concept for civil infrastructure. With the aim of ‘Learning by Doing’ we selected a relevant case study within our context of assessing the reliability of bridge structures.

By connecting TNO knowledge on relevant IT techniques with our domain knowledge on steel bridges we created first relatively simple digital twin of a steel bridge deck susceptible to fatigue cracking.

We combined various relevant data sources including traffic data, climate data and sensor measurements on the bridge deck to feed Machine Learning techniques to find, confirm and fine tune known relations between the parameters driving the development of fatigue damage in these type of structures. These relations were then used to perform simulations of various future scenario’s.

This case study serves as a basis for further expansion of our work on this topic in during the coming years.

The presentation will include an elaboration on the above described case study and an overview of TNO’s research agenda for this topic for the coming years.

What drives you?
Developing and getting innovative technology applied to keep our civil infrastructure safe and fit for future purpose

About Joep Paulissen
Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering obtained at the TU-Delft. 3 years work experience as structural engineer focusing on the re-assessment of existing steel bridges and the design of various kinds of new bridges. 6 years work experience as a researcher structural dynamics and steel structures at TNO with a main focus on monitoring of steel bridges. Currently making a step towards a broader role as consultant smart infrastructure.

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