Enterprise software spending in US remains static, CRM, Cloud Main Interest

There will be some interesting regional differences in enterprise software spending over this year and next, according to Gartner, but ultimately for the US and Europe things are not looking good

Growth over the next 18 months will be static, or even negative, with cloud computing and customer relationship technologies the areas that will do best.

The figures have been published by Gartner as a run-up to the numerous global conferences it will be holding over the next three months, but the findings can be summarized as follows — growth in the developed world will be none existent, while growth in the (IT) developing world will continue.

In this respect, IT spending in the Middle East is notable with general growth across the region expected to be around 5.5% or US$ 192.9 billion in 2013, a 5.5 percent increase from 2012 driven largely by spending on mobile devices and telecoms systems.

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Source: CMS Wire