SensorSuite Introduces “Nest for Building Owners”

Hits Major Milestone: 1.7 Million Square Feet Under Energy Management. SensorSuite Inc., a leader in solutions for improving the performance and value of commercial buildings and real estate is proud to announce that its intelligent sensor technology and cloud software are being employed to reduce power consumption for more than 1.7 million square feet of commercial real estate. Major hotels and commercial clients have reduced heating and cooling energy costs by up to 20 to 30 percent in buildings outfitted with SensorSuite’s system.

Internally dubbed the ‘Nest™ for Building Owners’, SensorSuite is excited to be driving the market in wireless smart thermostat technologies that can be installed to monitor and control large spaces like conference rooms and ballrooms. The unique ability to give building owners total control over every area or zone of a building on one dashboard is a welcome addition to any manager’s toolset.

“Managing energy in buildings remains one of the largest opportunities in technology. Commercial property owners want to increase their net operating income by lowering operating costs,” said Salman Habib, CFO of SensorSuite. “SensorSuite leverages distributed wireless sensors and its cloud based machine platform to achieve those goals. By taking IT out of the equation, we eliminate the cost and complexity of installing and managing these systems, which have been barriers to wireless technology adoption.”

SensorSuite combines leading-edge sensor technology, Big Data analytics, and advanced controls to precisely manage office buildings, hotels, public spaces, industrial sites and other real estate. The heart of the company’s technology is the SuiteStat° smart thermostat, an unobtrusive, intelligent device that attaches to new or existing thermostats.

SensorSuite wireless sensors monitor temperature, CO2 levels, occupancy, and power consumption in any large or small space to save energy. Employees or building managers can quickly personalize spaces for comfort and energy savings with a few clicks from any smartphone or web browser.

SensorSuite’s real-time building intelligence™ platform, meanwhile, analyzes data from sensors to track consumption, check conference room availability, visualize occupancy and other parameters. Notable case studies include a large property management company, which reduced energy usage in a 350 suite (250,000 square feet) apartment building in Toronto by 35 percent, achieving a return on investment of 18 months.

“We are extremely grateful and excited by the support and encouragement from our customers and investors,” said Robert Platek, CEO and co-founder of SensorSuite Inc. Energy consumption by heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems accounts for roughly 40 percent of total building energy consumption, and in turn, buildings account for 35 percent to 40 percent of total worldwide energy consumption. A substantial portion is used inefficiently. Our technology will help building owners, utilities and others get a handle on this major saving opportunity.”

Source: SensorSuite Inc.