A Sleep-Monitoring Headband That Lets You Control Your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can control your dreams, Inception-style? The team at iWinks may just enable you to do that with its Aurora headband, a wearable piece of technology that helps its user attain lucid dreaming, which is an elusive state where the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming.

Using visual and audio cues that are just strong enough to enter the user’s dreamscape without waking them up, this nifty device would alert them to the fact that they are dreaming and thus have the freedom to do whatever they wish.

While the Aurora headband could work on its own, linking it up to a special app on your smartphone would enhance its functions—not only would you be able to set up your own personal “dream signs”, but you would also have access to a Smart Alarm Clock that would wake you up at the time when you feel the most refreshed. … (Read more)

Source: DesignTaxi.com