Survey says: People start caring about internet on their TVs, but price trumps everything

More than 30 percent of consumers in the market for a new TV want it to be connected to the internet, according to a new survey. 3-D is also gaining some momentum.

Looks like consumer electronics makers may owe Netflix a few favors: Consumers are finally beginning to care about Smart TVs, with 30.7 percent of people in the market for a new TV with internet connectivity, according to the latest IHS Smart TV Consumer Survey. Twelve months ago, that number was still at 18.1 percent.

There is also a significant growth in the interest for 3-D, but it’s still a less important feature than connectivity. A year ago, only 6.6 percent of potential TV buyers were looking to buy a 3-D TV. Now, it’s 18.8 percent.

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Source: GIGAOM