From fitness to wellness: OMsignal’s smart shirts measure your motion and emotion

Fitness is good, but wellness is better. And to become one with the universe, you must first become one with your T-shirt.

Tracking bracelets like Fibit, Fuelband, and Up are for fitness, measuring steps, motion, and action. Arm straps like BodyMedia also measure heart rate, skin conductivity (how much you’re sweating), and exercise intensity. All of those are important to Montreal-based smart apparel startup OMsignal too, but the company says there’s more to wellness than fitness.

“We think movement is awesome, we’ve worn all the devices,” says CEO Stephane Marceau. “But we’re also trying to measure emotional states. It’s mental and it’s emotional … and we call this ‘emotics.’”

OMsignal is doing that, as you might have guessed, by making you one with the shirt. Or bra — your choice.

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Source: VentureBeat