Swedish M2M Services Enablers initiative launched to jointly promote Swedish companies with world class solutions

When people and businesses were connected to the Internet it was email and the web that made them make the investment.
Few if any understood what was enabled by connecting people and businesses to the Internet. With close to 6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world and a global penetration of around 80-85% the powerful mobile industry is looking for growth elsewhere. The good and old idea of connecting machines to machines has been adopted by the mobile industry once again and now technologies, services and knowledge are in place to make it happen. Analysts, operators and vendors are all convinced: M2M is about to happen now. The key to the success is the ability to provide robust, scalable and affordable solutions to customers needs across networks, borders and industries.

“There are no email or web in the M2M market so we need to help organizations of all sorts identify the value for them in connecting things to the Internet”, says Magnus Melander, CEO B3 Connect Compute. “Values are often to be found in the areas of security, efficiency and sustainability but can equally well be in business model transformation”, continues Mr Melander.

In order to turn quite generic connectivity into specific maybe even customized applications we need so called Servcies Enablement systems and services. These takes care of things like device management, payments, reporting, alarms, etc. This is a very complex type of solutions since they often include several different networks, industries, partners and terminals. And the lack of standards and agreements in the service layer is yet another complication.

Service Enablement systems and services is an area where Sweden is very well positioned. “It takes international experience and insight from telecommunications, data communications, IT and different industries to provide a leading edge solution in to this complex problem” says Magnus Melander. “In our tiny country we have people with the right skills, great entrepreneurs, world class export industries to work with and a leadership style perfect for complex tasks” continues Mr Melander.

Swedish M2M Services Enablers (SMSE) is a joint initiative to promote Swedish providers of M2M Services Enablement solutions and services internationally. The founding partners are Info24, Kombridge, Possio, Maingate, Crossbreed and B3 Connect Compute. Sponsors of the initiative all bring valuable assets to our joint effort and we are glad to have Swedish Mobile Association (SMA) on board from start.

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Magnus Melander will speak durint the IoT Event.