Only Connect? M2M, the Cloud and Big Data

One petabyte a day: That’s how much data BMW’s Connected Drive cars will generate by 2017 reckons BMW Group IT infrastructure chief Mario Müller.

I teased out this statistic while chairing IIR’s Telecom Cloud Services conference this week. As Müller underscored, M2M data will require plenty of processing power – and is a great opportunity for communication service providers. Many faces in the audience looked confused.

When CSPs think about M2M, it’s mainly about providing connectivity, which represents almost 90% of their M2M revenues today. When it comes to cloud, CSPs think about selling infrastructure as a service – and they’re currently building a quarter of a million square meters of datacenter space to get into that game.

BMW’s Müller had put the pieces together – and many CSPs haven’t. Enterprises need more than data connectivity and storage. Enterprises need help to manipulate and understand what data means and what to do about it. Once the non-sentient world is involved, those data sets will exist in petabytes, exabytes and zettabytes – in networks and datacenters.

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Source: Informa