Watch: An Ingenious Lego Machine For Sorting Legos

From brickmaster Akiyuky comes another insanely incredible Lego machine

Lego is fun. Organizing Lego is not so much fun. So when a project is done, the pieces sit there on your carpet–waiting quite stealthily despite their bright colors–to embed one of their brick soldiers deep within the flesh of your foot. Such is the goal every Lego piece aspires to. Your buildings are just a side gig. (Sorry, friend.)

In acknowledgement of this fact, viral-renowned Lego builder Akiyuky (who you’ll know from his Great Ball Contraption) has developed an epic, automated machine to sort his Lego pieces. Called the Lego Axle Sorter, it can rip through a small bucket of Technic axles in a matter of minutes.

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Source: FastCo.Design