Startup Idol: How Optensity makes big data seem minuscule

Pamela Arya’s startup helps analysts and scientists parse through big data quickly. The problem facing many organizations sitting atop massive amounts of data is how to make any sense of it.

Optensity Founder and CEO Pamela Arya. Credit: OptensityThree years ago, Pamela Arya, then a vice president at the counterterrorism firm A-T Solutions, recognized the problem and saw an opportunity. “We noticed that even though more and more people were building more and more sensors to capture data, the systems, and the way we make sense of that data, we realized the existing systems weren’t very agile and couldn’t really keep up with the rate of change in our world,” she explains.

So along with IT engineer Scott Zimmer, she co-founded Optensity. Their goal:¬†build a system to assist analysts and data scientists in making decisions quickly without worrying about where the data is located, how it’s formatted, and how it’s changing. Optensity’s first product, AppSymphony, is largely being used within the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or “ISR,” community by three clients to make sense of surveillance data.

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