Proxible’s internet of everything.

In March 2013 Proxible announced its new proximity technology to allow the passive world around us to become active.
For over a year Proxible has been designing and developing in stealth mode a revolutionary proximity technology and in March 2013 this technology was first shown to the public.

According to founder and CEO Shinjan Dasgupta the response has been overwhelming. The technology is focused on Mobile based Proximity solutions i.e. when you are “THIS” close to an object. Using Proxible’s technology any object can now communicate with people in proximity of that object. Think of a film poster on the wall showing its trailer or a painting in a museum explaining its history or even a pair of shoes showing what clothes would match that pair. The possibilities are endless! The company’s goal is to make it simpler for everyone to receive information that is relevant to them, when they need it the most, using it’s technology.

The Proxible innovative sensor technology is perfect for proximity marketing purposes. As soon as a person shows interest in an object, it is picked up by the sensor and a personalized message is send to that person.

Also in large crowds the sensor will work perfectly as it is able to deliver unique multimedia messages to approximately 1000 people in one second. The range can be set from 1mm up to 50 meters.

The sensor can be deployed almost everywhere and never needs to be touched again as the information is maintained using a very easy to use cloud platform solution.

Due to very efficient low energy technology the sensor can work for over 5 years on the same battery pack without the need to recharge or change the pack.
Compared to QR codes, NFC and Wifi, Proxible seems to have the best cards as it combines the best features of all in one compact sensor.

Proxible will exhibit at the Start-up Plaza during the IoT event on 4 June 2013 at High Tech Campus.