MSR-Traffic realizes large-scale project with magnetic field sensors

The dynamic guidance system of the Shopping City Süd (Vösendorf, Wiener Neudorf) informs visitors about free outdoor parking spaces and facilitates finding them, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

It does not only guide road users to parking areas but also to individual free parking spaces. Dynamic direction signs around the area and different colored totems with dynamic LED displays at each parking row provide the required degree of clarity within the guidance system.

More than 4.000 parking spaces with integrated Wi-Fi magnetic field sensors
The single parking space monitoring is accomplished with innovative magnetic field sensors that provide information on the occupancy status (free or occupied) of each individual parking space at any time. The wireless sensors with integrated battery, that are installed in the floor, send the data collected to the local computer where it is stored, analyzed and redirected to the dynamic signs.

The software also enables the evaluation of yearly 20 million parking activities taking the results of each single parking space into account. It allows trend analyses as well as the identification of permanent parkers or parking offenders and visualizes all parking areas on a monitor.

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