Using Molecules For Memory Could Mean 1,000 Times More Storage

That flash drive is going to hold a whole lot more PDFs once it’s powered by quantum computing.

Data and the human race are locked in an arms race. And we are losing. Each day, the mountain of data towers a bit higher: 2.8 zettabytes in 2012. As every technological achievement brings still more–from Facebook posts to the Internet of Things–the world’s information is doubling every two years.

As it turns out, scientists have spent the last few decades diligently working on a revolutionary new computing technology. In theory, quantum computers can compute massive amounts of data in an extremely small space with very little energy and dwarf the power of today’s silicon chips. If successful, it will harness the fundamental behavior of matter to create computing devices. The basic principle is that computers speak in ones and zeros, a binary language used to carry out calculations. Quantum computers use the same concept to encode information in matter itself, such as the spin of an electron.


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Source: Fast Company