Silver Spring to Network 20,000 Smart City Street Lights

Biggest networked LED project yet for SSN’s new smart city ambitions in Copenhagen

Silver Spring to Network 20,000 Smart City Street LightsSilver Spring Networks (SSNI) has just landed the largest project yet for its push into city street lights as the next wireless networking frontier. On Monday, the smart grid networking company announced plans to connect 20,000 street lights in Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, with the first deployments set to begin next year.

Silver Spring will be working with French city lighting and electrical systems giant Citelum on the project, which envisions linking LED lamps from multiple manufacturers in a single networking platform. The goal, as with many LED streetlighting projects, is to link the energy efficiency and long life of LEDs with the additional control and intelligence that can come from connecting these digital light sources into a broader network.

Once that citywide network is in place, “it can easily be adapted to different applications, without having to invest a ton of R&D effort,” Sterling Hughes, Silver Spring’s senior director of advanced technology, said in a Monday phone interview. In other words, while networked LEDs are today’s cost-effective business case for getting a wireless mesh network installed across a city, they’re also “one of the first applications of the smart city,” he said.

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