Budweiser embraces the Internet of Things with in-home automatic hockey goal light

For some, the Internet of Things made its Super Bowl debut during the advertising blitz, through an offer by Budweiser Canada to come to your home and install a red goal light synced to the scores of your favorite team (VIDEO)

If you’re not a hockey fan, you may not know the red light’s iconic flashing, spinning glow and horn sound that accompany every goal. It’s the sport’s equivalent of a soccer announcer’s “goooooool!” or a football player doing a touchdown dance. It’s a moment of ecstatic release in a game characterized by constant tension in the ebb and flow of plays.

The Budweiser Red Light works by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. After configuring the device with an Android or iPhone app to tell it what teams you are rooting for, it sits sleeping in your rec room. When a game is on, it wakes up and starts listening over the network for a score. When the puck goes in the net, the light goes crazy.

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Source: Wired Top Stories