Cisco and the Future of M2M

Companies obviously want success today. But without an idea of where their industry, and the world in general, is headed, prosperity will either slip away, or be allusive altogether.

One company with a keen eye on the future is Cisco, The company reports within the next seven years, there will be 50 billion active connected devices on the planet.  Recently, the company announced the formation of its Internet of Things (IoT) business unit, which aims to bring Cisco’s M2M products from conception to reality, and to optimize the  company’s M2M portfolio to appeal to a broader market.

Guido Jouret, Cisco’s general manager of IoT, says in creating the group, the company “combined a bunch of groups that existed separately.” These groups, Jouret says, were dedicated  to areas like video surveillance, the smart grid, and industrial applications. In the end, it was determined they were all dedicated to the same kind of issues, such as sensors,  connectivity, etc. According to Jouret, the decision to pool them together means a more comprehensive focus on M2M-based technologies and objectives. It also allowed them to get  started quickly.

Cisco was obviously no stranger to the world of M2M prior. As Jouret points out, the company has done extensive work with software for sensors, gateway connection products, and even physical security cameras. While he couldn’t speak specifically on what the group is working on for the future, he did offer some small hints.

“We’re interested in solving the major problems of the manufacturing industry, transportation industry, oil and gas,” Jouret says. “So we’ve identified key verticals that we’re going after.”

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