Internet of Things Event on Twitter #iot13

Yesterday the the second edition of the IoT Event took place at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the tweets will give you an insight of the day.

: Wow, everybody is here today: multinationals, sme’s & startups. About to kickoff the @iotevent with keynotes bij @Philips & #Unilever.

‏@iotevent: News scoop: no one at #iot13 has a connected car! Shocking 😉

‏@iotevent: According to Alberto Prada @philips IoT is futher ahead than our ability to know what it’s good for #iot13

‏@aliciaasin: “Sensors is the money printing machine in smart solutions” – ALberto Prado #iot13. I hope the same!

‏@iotevent@Unilever mentioned that in order to maintain sustainability you need to master IoT and stay connected at #iot13

@R_IValley: Expectations: about 50 billion devices connected to Internet by 2020. #iot @iotevent

@FelixDonker: Of big data is the next cash cow, sensors are THE money printing machines #iot13

@TASStechnology: #TASS is vandaag aanwezig op het #iot13 Internet of Things Event op de High Tech Campus in #Eindhoven.

‏@iotevent: Lighting Fundamentals: Its never technology that makes consumers clap their hands. Look @ prof business & look @ what the elite does. #iot13

@aliciaasin: By 2018 we will have 9.1B mobile subscriptions (excl. #m2m!) #iot13 via P. Blankers, @ericsson

@dinaperla: #Erickson: #M2M is growing faster than smartphones even. Transport and travel are important fields, but also healthcare. Invest! #iot13

@iotevent@orangebusiness brought their client Meterbuy to talk about taking the customer experience to the next level with #M2M at #iot13

@dinaperla: #OrangeBNL @PauwelsGert: you cannot do it on your own, even as market leader. On Stage now partner #Meterbuy, Jacques Terlinden. #iot13

@aaronrajan: Great session @ #iot13 – definitely lives up to the claim as “smartest sq km in the Netherlands”

@FelixDonkers: Positively surprised that #iot13 is not about technology but about business. It seems that IoT is realy happening!

‏@FelixDonkers: Engineers create things, designers create a meaning. Together we could create meaningfull things! #iot13

@teichsta: Me at our #openHAB booth at #iot13 in #Eindhoven. Thanks to @innoQ for sponsoring the banner! #smarthome

@FelixDonkers: Smart things are easy to use, but it’s quite complex to make things easy. #iot13

‏@iotevent:@frogdesign sketches with technology and then plays with it #iot13

@TimOverkamp: Nice to see @iskandr use my graduation project as a good practise example in his presentation at #iot13 🙂

@iotevent: Ben Schouten, @TUe_news is talking about ambient play, not so much a game as a philosophy #iot13

‏@iskandr: Ben Schouten on playful iterative design principles for the internet of things #iotevent @Conference

‏@iotevent@PhilipsDesign makes history interactive and in in-depth #iot13

‏@iotevent: Thanks to Gerbrand Bas from #designlink for moderating the session about design for the Internet of Things #iot13

@michielverheij: Gelukkig wordt de Golden Circle gebruikt door @mBreekweg tijdens Internet of Things event #iot13

@iotevent: Why are people not changing their behaviour? #iot13

‏@iotevent: There are 27 application enablement platforms for iot / m2m in the market! #iot13

@ErgonAG: Eine Wanduhr mit Internetverbindung: Nicht nur Zeit, sondern verschiedene Kalender dargestellt. #iot13 in Eindhoven

‏@TimOverkamp: Saw the work of @theincmac today at #iot13. Great projects by cool guys who understand the value of prototyping in the IoT context.

‏@hightechcampus: Pieter Hermans announcing the winner of the first @iotevent Challenge Award: @openHAB. Congrats!