Geodan will discuss added value and business opportunities at ISN Conference

Erik van der Zee will talk about the added value and business opportunities of the application of geospatial concepts and technology to the Internet of Things at the ISN Conference

E-reading en Tablet EventAbout Erik van der Zee

Erik van der Zee (1970) obtained a MSc. in Business Economics at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in 1994, and completed a MSc. in Physical Geography at Utrecht University in 1998. Currently, Erik is a senior Geo-IT consultant at Geodan, he is specialized in designing and implementing innovative Spatial Data Infrastructures in various sectors, for example agriculture, spatial planning, water management, and safety & security. In 2012, he has joined the Department of Spatial Economics of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at VU University Amsterdam as a part time PhD researcher. His research involves the added value of the application of geospatial concepts and technology to the Internet of Things.


About Geodan

Since 1985, Geodan has grown to become one of the leading independent Geo-ICT system integrators in the Netherlands. We specialize in providing spatial information, and in the application of new, innovative spatial technologies. Every day, and in various countries, we help customers in various sectors solving complex geospatial problems by means of consultancy, interim and project management, customized GIS solutions, geographical data, internet solutions, and training. Geodan currently has a workforce of over 120 geo-professionals, working in multidisciplinary teams. Geodan works closely together with its technology partners, for example Esri, Microsoft, Oracle, and various open source communities.


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