Cisco, Michel Schaalje, will speak at IoT Event

The presentation will be held during the session ‘Smart cities as living lab’

Michel Schaalje will talk about Smart & Connected Communities: Today’s rapidly evolving global scenario is witnessing unprecedented macroeconomic changes that are driving the need for a new approach to community development and revitalization. Over 700 million people are expected to be urbanized in the next 10 years. While emerging economies around the world are experiencing hyper growth, the population in developed countries is increasingly aging and shrinking. Around the world there is an increased concern about energy efficiency, and citizens are demanding better services and improved government efficiency.

Cisco‘s Smart+Connected Communities (S+CC) is a global initiative that uses the network as the platform to transform physical communities into connected communities that are run on networked information to enable economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

For more information about the seminar, go to this link.