IoT & AI Workshop

INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) WORKSHOP – During the 6th International LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS 2016) in Bregenz, Austria

Machine learning has experienced a boost in popularity alongside the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Nonetheless, achieving measurable business and financial benefits through IoT is not easy. Machine learning can be used to improve efficiency. For instance, with the use of algorithms, connected devices can be taught to recognise patterns and can optimise the use of the IoT application for its users and related systems. It also offers opportunities for new business models. In order to achieve the desired improvements, however, the design of IoT & AI solutions is crucial. Alongside new approaches and developments, business models have to adapt and reinvent as well.

The IoT&AI workshop will address such issues.


  • AI & IoT- IoT and machine learning
  • Design of IoT & AI solutions
  • New business models

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About LPS 2016

The annual LpS event in Bregenz, Austria, is Europe’s foremost lighting technology event for people in industry and research. “Trends and Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions” in the fields of general, automotive and special lighting applications will be the major topics in Bregenz. The LpS 2016 event will emphasize “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations” and cover the latest trends in applications.