Yves Goeleven, MessageHandler presents: “How the IoT Changes Business Models”

Yves Goeleven, Software Solution Architect at MessageHandler, presents at the Internet of Things Event: “How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models”. 

As digital communication infrastructure is becoming more ubiquitous, while the cost of embedding software in physical objects is dropping, the physical world gets more connected to the virtual. In the wake of this mega-trend, new business opportunities emerge: from new ways to serve customers to entirely new business models and revenue streams. This trend is nothing new though, it’s just coming into reach of more organizations. In this talk I will reflect back on experiences from IoT projects that I have been part of, and will show you how this changed the business models of the organizations involved.

“None of us is as smart as all of us” – Ken Blanchard

About Yves Goeleven
Yves is a Software Solution Architect with over 15 years of experience designing distributed software architectures inside large enterprise datacenters, in the cloud and out there in the real world. His designs include several innovative solutions that would today be classified as part of ‘The internet of things’. Next to his technical expertise, he is also an entrepreneur and founder of MessageHandler.net, an online service that can help connect your business processes to the internet of things.

About MessageHandler
MessageHandler is an online message processing platform that allows you to interpret the information hidden in real time data streams, originating from your devices, and automatically take appropriate action on the patterns detected within. Our platform has been designed around the tenants of distributed software architecture as well as co creation, allowing you to rent processing logic straight from the experts or compose your own.

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