Wouter Haerick, iMinds presents: “Sustaining innovation in IoT”

Wouter Haerick, CTO at iMinds Internet Technologies, presents at the Internet of Things Event: “Sustaining innovation in IoT”.

The market of IoT-technology is evolving rapidly. New hardware and software platforms arise on a daily base. While companies have their short time focus on taking market share in today’s applications, preparing for longer term challenges may be the key to sustain the growth, and differentiate in a market that gets more and more competitive. But what are key challenges, and which funding programs could your company leverage to help sustaining its innovation capabilities?

“It’s all about ownership of valuable data. That is also what big companies like Google start to realize.“

About Wouter Haerick
Wouter Haerick is CTO at iMinds’ Internet Technologies Department, and runs an industry-focused innovation cluster at Ghent University. In his role he is actively involved in the defining the strategy roadmap for Internet innovations, jointly with industry.

Wouter Haerick obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science, holds an MBA and is lecturer at Ghent University. He is co-founder of two companies, and participates in the boards of the Belgian Energy Research Alliance and Smart Grid Flanders. Wouter Haerick is also an active member in the 5G PPP Association, and will participate for iMinds in the EU AIOTI.

About iMinds
iMinds is Flanders’ digital research center and business incubator, established by the Flemish government in 2004. Building on the strength of 900+ top researchers located at 5 Flemish universities, iMinds collaborates with leading companies to introduce digital innovation in 5 key markets: ICT, Media, Health, Smart Cities and Manufacturing.

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