“World’s first domestic drone: drones for good” – Presented by Tessie Hartjes, Team Blue Jay Eindhoven

At Blue Jay Eindhoven we created world’s first domestic (indoor) drone. Through the combination of different technologies we’ve made it autonomous, safe, social and helpful. Our goal is to show that drones can be used as a supportive tools for humans in their daily lives. Your flying buddy will be intelligent enough to understand your needs and even be of assistance when you are not around. Can you imagine all the possibilities?

About Tessie Hartjes 

Tessie Hartjes is a master student in the direction of Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Together with Lex Hoefsloot she is the co-founder of team Blue Jay Eindhoven. Her drive lies in creating new possibilities with new technologies, either by developing in the right direction or taking away boundaries that are anything but technical.

About Team Blue Jay Eindhoven

Team Blue Jay Eindhoven is building world’s first domestic drone. It’s safe, autonomous, social and helpful. We are team of 20 students from different studies across the Eindhoven University of Technology. Together with our partners we are developing a drone that has unprecedented possibilities.