“Vehicle Systems Security In The Connected World” – Presented by Vibhu Sharma, NXP Semiconductors

The modern connected car with varied communication interfaces both internal and external, 150 ECU’s and 100 MSLOC is an example of cyber physical system rather than a mechanical system. The negative side of the seamless connectivity to the internet is the full exposure to the malicious vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow exploits, Malware, Trojans etc. to vehicles. This presentation will go through the associated cyber-risks and will address possible way forward for ensuring the security of the car in the connected world.

About Dr. Vibhu Sharma

Currently working as a Cyber-security Manager- Leading the in vehicle networks cyber-security program at NXP. Prior to that worked in the broader area of Internet of Things ranging from ultra-low energy design aspects to the system security requirements. Graduated from S. University of New York- Stony Brook, USA with M.S in EE and Ph.D. in EE from imec/KU Leuven, Belgium in 2012.

About NXP Semiconductors 

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a global semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. NXP is currently the fifth-largest non-memory semiconductor supplier globally, and the leading semiconductor supplier for the Secure Identification, Automotive and Digital Networking industries.