Tjerja Geerts & Carlo van Pelt present: “How to successfully create a valuable IOT brand for your audience”


Tjerja Geerts, Design Director and Founder of Ready For The Crowd and Carlo van Pelt, Strategy Director and Founder of TechAlive! present: “How to successfully create a valuable IOT brand for your audience”.

For several years now, a connectivity revolution has been slowly brewing all around us. But now, rapidly, More and more everyday objects get connected with the internet that connects us all. So how do you successfully innovate and create a valuable IoT brand with a value proposition that stays relevant and engages your connected customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders? In our presentation we share technology marketing tips & tricks in combination with a proven innovation methodology that will help you to stand out with your IoT brand.

About Carlo van Pelt
Seasoned technology marketing and communications professional with more than 20 years’ experience at international technology companies such as Legrand, Syntec, Philips, NXP and Sony.

“Your innovations only have value when the right people notice and recognize that value. Not once. But over & over again”

About Tjerja Geerts
Digital Design Director with more than 15 yrs of experience in digital strategy and interactive innovations for startups, mid sized and international brands like Nike, Philips and Discovery Channel. Passionate about branding and smart user experience design to create valuable integrated brand experiences across all digital channels.

“IoT helps you to get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you can help them with what they need well before they even realize it themselves”.

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