Ronald van Aggelen, Root presents: “Internet of Buildings starts with valid information”

Ronald van Aggelen, CEO at Root BV, presents at the Internet of Things Event: “Internet of Buildings starts with valid building information?”.

Buildings are increasingly equipped with sensors. The data generated by these sensors is often represented in graphics and spreadsheets. But, it’s often missing context and therefore of little use to the people owning, managing or using the building. Context is provided however, when you are able to connect sensordata to building information. This presentation focuses on the way to do just that and on the possibilities it offers.

“Hack the system: only real change leads to real value“

About Ronald van Aggelen
Ronald, graduate architect at the Technical University Eindhoven, has worked at various architectural firms since 2000. On Liberation Day 2014 Ronald co-founded Root BV, a company that focuses primarily on innovation of building information. Together with a variety of clients Ronald works on todays problems with a clear vision of what the future should be. An inquisitive, creative, sometimes cross-minded attitude provides new insights and pragmatic solutions for complex problems. Ronald is board member of the Building Information Council, a member of the board of supervision of the Faculty of Building Constructions of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and BIM-advisor of The Central Government Real Estate Agency of the Netherlands.

About Root BV
Root focuses on adding value to building information. Our work includes creating, coordinating and checking Building Information Models. We also consult our clients on the use of building information enabling them to better manage their property, assets and facilities. Additionally, we’re always working on innovations in order to provide new services and help creating value for our clients.

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