Patrik Ström, University of Gothenburg presents: “RESER – cross disciplinary service research and IoT”

Patrik Ström of University of Gothenburg presents at the Internet of Things Event: “RESER – cross disciplinary service research and IoT”. Patrik is President, European Association for Research in Services, RESER, and Associate Professor of Economic Geography.

Researchers within The European Association for Research on Services, RESER has during the last 25 years been exploring new advances in the service industry. A broad and cross-disciplinary approach has made it possible to study major developments for firms, regions and nations. IoT is one such area that has attracted research interest with the aim of making global comparisons of this development. The presentation will relate to how studies of IoT are contributing to our understanding of a changing service industry.

“IoT has the power to transforms business models across space”.

About Patrik Ström
Associate Professor (Economic Geography), Centre for International Business Studies, Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg. His research has focused on the internationalization and competitiveness of the knowledge-intensive service industry in Europe and Asia, and the integration of Asian knowledge economies. He is also doing research on the integration of services and manufacturing. Ström is also since 2012 the president of the European Association for Research on Services (RESER). Additionally, he is active as an expert for the private and public sectors on issues of service industry growth. Lately he was also member of the EU Commission High Level Group on Business Services, where he chaired the working group on Internationalization of Services.

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